1. Licenses issued by local Municipal Authorities or
2. Any other documentary record to show that any member of the family is a holder of license or licenses issued by Local Municipal Authorities. or
3. Any other document claiming to be a member of Quresh Community.

I hereby express my willingness to become a member in the society and undertake to abide by the bye-laws of the society and agree to accept the decision of the Committee to suspend me from membership due to my absence consecutively for three meetings of the society.

Note : The affiliated States are authorized to issue Community Certificates as per clause 24 of the registered Constitution of KUL HIND JAMIATUL QURESH ACTION COMMITTEE.

QURESH COMMUNITY CERTIFICATES shall be issued as per the Gazettes and Notifications of the Governments to the students and their parents for the purpose of studies, scholarships or other genuine reasons. The said certificates shall be issued to the students and their parents on application and only after verification by the concerned Local Committees. A copy of such certificate shall be submitted immediately in the office of Kul Hind Jamiatul Quresh Action Committee and will be available to Government authorities on for online verifications.